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Why Choose Northern Touch?

When looking for a reliable Window Cleaning company in Toronto GTA, look no further than Northern Touch Property Care. Your trusted leaders in property maintenance services.

Trusted By Many Organizations in Ontario

We provide comprehensive window cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Toronto, GTA.

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Our high-rise window cleaning services offer unparalleled views and pristine cleanliness, leveraging advanced safety and precision techniques.
Our Toronto commercial window cleaning services ensure your business shines professionally, offering spotless and streak-free windows.
Our post-construction window cleaning services meticulously remove debris and paint, restoring clarity and brilliance to your windows.
Our Toronto interior window cleaning services deliver a spotless, streak-free finish, enhancing your indoor spaces' ambiance and increasing your property value.
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Garage Washing & Drain Cleaning

Our garage washing and drain cleaning services rejuvenate exteriors and ensure unobstructed flow, combining efficiency with thoroughness.

Our Outside Façade Power Washing service revitalizes building exteriors, effectively removing dirt and grime to restore their pristine appearance.
Our Underground Garage Power Washing service efficiently cleans and refreshes your parking space for a safer, cleaner environment.
Our drain cleaning services swiftly clear blockages, ensuring smooth and efficient drainage for your property.

Caulking / Building Sealant Replacement Services

Our caulking services provide durable sealing solutions, enhancing energy efficiency and protecting structures against water damage and leaks.

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Eavestrough Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning services ensure your drainage system functions optimally, protecting your property from water damage by removing blockages and debris.


Trusted by thousand of people & companies in GTA.

Kirill Kim
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Northern Touch Window Cleaning performed window cleaning services at an exceptional level for our balcony windows. I would highly recommend this company to any other condos looking for window cleaning.
Moris Dizon
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Northern Touch cleans the windows at our store front every month and we could not be happier with their services. I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent customer service and quality of work.
Jessica Hill
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The cleaning techs were on-time and provided super clean service. I appreciated their attention to detail. I highly recommend this company and will be using them again.
Cameron Cunningham
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Northern Touch does a great job and my windows are always impeccable, i been using them for six months now and very satisfied.
Barrister James
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My appointment was scheduled within 2 days and they did a great job. Staff members showed up on time, accompanied me on a tour of the home, and listened to my concerns.
Lydia Harrington
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I was told my eavestrough are beyond repair but Northern Touch not only fixed them like brand new, they are cleaned them up perfectly! Good job guys!

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