How To Clean Windows At Home Like A Professional – An Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Best Window Cleaning Guide [2022]

Windows are something that let you admire the beauty of the outside world. However, if they are dirty then it can significantly damage your place’s appeal. But cleaning windows is a task that nobody wants to look forward to and this proves that it is never a fun task. Most people hate doing it because they leave streaks or can never get it right. Further in this article, you will get some useful tips to make your windows shine.

You can do it yourself but it is a job quite tough without professional help. Some people prefer doing it their way but they most regret not getting professional help. No matter how easy it looks, we all are familiar with the fact that those scaling because of hard water are tough to get rid of even after rigorous cleaning. Northern Touch Property Care, A top rated window cleaning service in Toronto, is here to ease your pain and to give you sparkling windows. Get your cleaning appointment with them today and let that sunshine brighter in your homes.

Cleaning windows at home can be a relaxing activity that helps you reconnect with the outside world while enjoying your indoor space. When you care for your windows properly, they will last longer and let in more light.

Window Cleaning Tips – Clean Windows Like A Pro


Clean windows pass pure air and the complete vibe of the space changes. Cleaning them has some technicalities but if you are focused on trying it by yourself then you can go ahead with some professional tips. If you wish to know the perfect way for cleaning windows then have a look at some most important tips to Clean Windows Like a Pro.

The following window cleaning tips and techniques will help you clean your windows like a pro.

Choose The Right Day

When considering the best ways to clean windows, you have to also consider the best times to clean as well. Window cleaning is best undertaken on a cool day with low or no wind. Early morning or late afternoon are the best times of day to work on the project; when the sun shines directly on the windows the cleaning solution may dry too quickly and leave streaks. In many places, early spring and early fall present the best weather for window cleaning.

Protect Your Floors And Furniture

Before you start, lay down drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture from drips and splashes. You can buy these at hardware stores, but an old sheet or plastic tablecloth will also do the trick.

Gather Your Window Cleaning Supplies

You don’t need much in order to get started, although there are some specialty products that will make your job easier:

Using the Right Window Cleaning Tools:

To get a good start with cleaning your windows, it is important that you should have good-quality equipment. I cannot stress enough how critical it is that you have the right tools. If you have new, modern windows then you can tilt the sash inwards for cleaning and all you will need is some window cleaner, a squeegee, and some sponges or rags. But never mind if your windows cannot be tilted in. A cleaning sprayer and a power jet wand are required to clean the exterior.

If your windows have a splatter of paint, tree sap, some adhesive residue, or other tough stains then grab some steel wool, razor blade, and any mild abrasive like soft scrub for the job.

Make sure you have the right window cleaning supplies and equipment at hand.

Glass cleaners are available in a number of different forms, including liquids, foams, sprays and wipes. Some are versatile substances that can be used on a number of different surfaces, including glass, tile, countertops and more.

No-drip cleaners utilize a thicker formula, making them less likely to run down to the bottom of a window before you’ve had a chance to wipe them clean.

Pre-packaged wipes come with cleaning solution already applied and are ideal for use on smaller windows.

Squeegees with replaceable rubber blades allow you to reuse them over and over.

Plastic clips help secure squeegee blades in place for more precise use.

scrubber/squeegees perform the work of two tools to make your window washing job easier.

Cleaning fluid: You can use glass cleaner, white vinegar diluted with water (about 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water), or a combination of the two to get your windows squeaky clean

Make your own cleaning equipment

Some commercial window cleaning solutions leave residue behind, causing streaks. The advisable way out for this problem is to make your own window cleaning solution. Mix two cups of water with a little bit of vinegar and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

Diluting a small amount of ammonia, rubbing alcohol or vinegar in water creates a homemade cleaning solution that’s effective on soil and grease. Mixing warm water with cornstarch or dish soap creates an effective general window cleanse.

Avoid mixing cleaners together

Use a five-gallon bucket to hold cleaning solution and change water as it gets dirty to maintain effectiveness.  Paper towels, cleaning cloths and even newspaper can all be used to clean windows, but the best way to ensure a streak-free finish is to employ a squeegee.

Mix it well in a spray bottle and apply it to the windows rinsed with clean water. Your cleaner spray is ready to make your task easier!

After collecting all the necessary equipment, you should know how exactly to use them for better results.

Window Cleaning DIY Steps


Scrub the Glass

The beginning of the cleaning process is to scrub the glass, working at all angles to clean the edges properly. Make sure you cover every square inch of the class. This technique ensures great results immediately. Move the squeegee across the glass and if you work vertically then angle the squeegee to direct excess water toward the uncleaned area.

Wash well with a strip applicator

Use a good strip applicator for this job as its long cloth head soaks up a lot of soapy water and knocks dirt loose without scratching the glass. After that, spray the cleaning solution. The fewer suds, the better.

Wipe the squeegee clean

Drag the squeegee over the soapy pane in a reverse-S pattern. After finishing each stroke, clean the blade of the squeegee with a soft towel of a lint-free rag. Continue this until all the soap is wiped off from the windowpane.

Wipe the remaining drips

This is the last step in the window cleaning process. Use the rag to wipe any excess water remaining on the edges of the glass. At last, run the rag along the perimeter of the window to remove any remaining suds. Dry the windows well and enjoy the shine!

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DOs and DON’Ts of Window Cleaning

There are some DOs and DON’Ts of window cleaning and take it from professionals that following them can make your job quite an easy one. These are some simple hacks that will make your windows shine and help you observe that.

  • DO use distilled water wherever required during the process. Tap water contains minerals that can make the windows dirtier faster. This might not seem a big thing, but it can make a difference.
  • DO take a step back and observe the window from different angles while cleaning. This often helps you find places that you may have missed.
  • DO clean your windows during the Spring season if possible. The bright sun rays in summers can make the window cleaner evaporate much faster, causing streaks and making the task much more difficult.
  • DO NOT use ammonia or any harsh chemical for cleaning as it may cause irreversible damage.
  • Some windows have interior sloping panes. DO NOT use a razor to scrape for interior windows as it can cut through the tints costing you a lot of money, time, and stress.
  • DO NOT clean your windows using the  newspaper in place of soft towels ever. Newspapers are not good as you can scratch your windows, as well as it may leave ink marks as well defeating the purpose of cleaning.

So there you have a piece of inside knowledge on how to clean your windows for a perfect finish. But as evident, this job is hectic to take without expert supervision. So to save time and stress, many people prefer to hire professional window cleaning experts. They make your job tension-free and complete it with full expertise.

If you wish to get your windows clean anywhere near Toronto, then you can contact Northern Touch Property Care. We continue to enable faster, safer, and more efficient glass and window cleaning to all our valuable customers. For all the projects we undertake, we ensure deep cleaning and perfect results in the estimated time.

Northern Touch Property Care are professional window cleaners working majorly in GTA. They offer the best residential window cleaning Toronto ON. With trained cleaners and the best equipment, they give a smooth service to all the clients and manage to finish their job on time.

They will give you an ease of tension so that you can sit back and relax while your residential windows will get a whole fresh look.

Our experts have all the knowledge that is worth testing. And our diverse selection of window cleaning tools guarantees the perfect job!

Contact us now and get the quotes for your windows.

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