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Commercial Window Cleaning and Washing

Northern Touch is Your Go-To Window Cleaning Company in Toronto⭐. Get Affordable Commercial Window Cleaning (Interior & Exterior) Near You. ☎️ 647-258-5584. Looking for an Affordable Window Cleaning Near You? Get Free, No-obligation Price Estimate. Find Out Why We’re the #1 Commercial Window Cleaning Company In Toronto. Get ready to transform your business’s appearance with Northern Touch Window Cleaning Toronto! Our expert team specializes in commercial window cleaning, ensuring every glass surface, from storefront windows to large exterior panels, shines with impeccable clarity. Whether your building features modern aluminum frames or classic steel ones, our meticulous cleaning process guarantees a streak-free finish.
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Professional Window Cleaning Near You

We understand that keeping the windows clean can be daunting, so we offer professional and reliable Toronto window cleaning services near you in GTA. Not only do clean windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they also allow natural light to shine through, improving the overall ambiance of your living space. Our team of experienced and trained Toronto window cleaners uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your windows are sparkling and streak-free. We take pride in our attention to detail and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every job.

Toronto window cleaning is about more than just making your home look good – it’s also about maintaining the longevity of your windows. Over time, dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate on the window panes and frames, causing damage and reducing efficiency. Regularly cleaning your windowscan increase your property’s energy efficiency, real estate value and curb appeal. We offer various Window Maintenance services to meet your window cleaning needs. Our primary service includes a thorough cleaning of all window panes, window frames, and window sills. We also offer services such as screen cleaning, track cleaning, and removing hard water stains.

In addition to our standard window cleaning services, we also offer a variety of specialized Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for those with unique window cleaning needs. For example, we have experience cleaning high-rise windows, skylights, and difficult-to-reach windows. No job is too big or small for us – we have the tools and expertise to handle everything. If you’re ready to transform the look of your home with sparkling clean windows, we invite you to get in touch with us to schedule your commercial window cleaning in Toronto. We offer flexible scheduling and competitive pricing to make getting the services you need easy. Contact us today to learn more and to request a free quote.

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Why Hire A Professional Window Cleaner in Toronto?

Keeping your windows sparking, shiny, and clean takes a lot of effort. Hiring an expert window cleaner offers a variety of benefits.

Extend the life of your windows.

Besides giving you more time to enjoy yourself, hiring an expert Window cleaner in Toronto will also remove bugs and other unsavoury matter from your window ledges. You can maximize the vitality of your windows by hiring professionals to clean them without any risk of damaging the glass or window frames.

Save Money In Long Run

Our professional window cleaning and washing specialists in Toronto will address your window integrity, including loose or broken window casings, loose or cracked windows, and any wood rot on window sills. We will also provide recommendations for repairing painted shut or improperly fitted screens. Early identification and damage repair can help save homeowners money in the long run.

Prevent accidents

If you clean your windows, you risk injuring yourself. A Professional Toronto window cleaner has access to equipment that can prevent an accidental injury from occurring. They’re a safer option because skilled cleaners are comfortable working up high and know how to handle themselves. Professionals also have specific equipment necessary to ensure a professional job. We clean your windows without risk of injury to you or your home.

Increase Your Property Value

Cleaning the windows outside your home is much different than wiping down an inside window with some glass cleaner and a paper towel. As a Professional window cleaning service in Toronto, we can clean difficult-to-reach places, making it easier for you to enjoy the view from your home. Many professionals use persistent cleaners to keep windows looking great even as conditions change throughout the day. Everybody should care for their home’s exterior appearance to increase its property value and curb appeal.

Hiring a professional to clean your windows has some significant benefits. Besides the obvious advantage of giving you more time to do what you enjoy, cleaning your windows will remove dirt, grime, and other nasty buildup that can affect window function.

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Get Amazing Results with Super Shiny Windows

As one of the best window cleaners in Toronto, we are proud to save our clients money by ensuring water doesn’t leak onto the floors below. Fully skilled in cleaning the tough stuff – including mould, grime, and hard water deposits. After the window cleaning job is complete, your space will shine for months without hassle.

Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning & Washing

Commercial window cleaning benefits include:

Impress Your Customers

Customers’ first impression of your business will be based on what they see through the front windows. If those windows are dirty or have streaks, making a good impression will take a lot of work.

Having clean windows is essential to make an excellent first impression on potential customers. Clean windows will help people see inside your shop or office, which could make them feel more comfortable about entering and spending money there.

Window cleaning is an easy way to enhance the look of your building and make it more inviting for potential clients.

Boost Your Window Display Visibility

If you clean your windows, you risk injuring yourself. A Professional Toronto window cleaner has access to equipment that can prevent an accidental injury from occurring. They’re a safer option because skilled cleaners are comfortable working up high and know how to handle themselves. Professionals also have specific equipment necessary to ensure a professional job. We clean your windows without risk of injury to you or your home.

Increase Your Property Value

Getting regular professional cleaning service is the best way to keep your windows looking great. Professional cleaners will do the best job keeping your windows clean because they have experience and better quality products and tools. A clean storefront looks more attractive and makes it easier for potential customers to see inside your store or office. This helps you attract new clients who may otherwise pass by without noticing your business. In addition, if you clean your windows, you risk damaging them or causing water damage inside if something breaks or falls out of place during cleaning due to improper use of equipment or lack of experience with window cleaning procedures. Time savings – You won’t have to take time away from your other responsibilities, so that you can clean your windows yourself. Consistency – Professional window cleaners know how to clean each type of glass surface on a building without damaging it or causing other problems, whether double-pane or single-pane, residential or commercial glass. Safety – Professionals use the right tools when they clean your window Screens so they won’t fall out while working on them.

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Why You Should Hire Us?

Want your windows to sparkle? Northern Touch Property Care is a 12-year-old, locally owned, established, full-service, Affordable Window cleaning services provider in Toronto. We are a friendly, professional team of experienced and trained local window cleaners who specialize in.

Fully Insured and fully trained – we spend extra time ensuring you are satisfied. It is a requirement for many window cleaning companies, which protects the company and its customers in case of an accident or damage.

We provide quality customer service and affordable window cleaning.

We deploy safe and effective cleaning methods, which are the techniques and methods used by professional window cleaners to clean windows safely and effectively.

We offer customized cleaning plans and flexible scheduling to suit your unique needs with a Satisfaction guarantee. Call today! We are highly competitive on price, yet our quality of work is excellent. Safe Cleaning Solutions: The chemicals and cleaning agents window cleaners use to remove dirt and grime from windows and other surfaces. High-tech window cleaning equipment: Our window cleaners use ladders, squeegees, and cleaning solutions.

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Team Of Experienced Commercial Window Cleaners In Toronto

Our Window Cleaning company in Toronto, Ontario, is fully insured, and we go the extra mile to ensure customers are happy and satisfied. Our business philosophy is to provide long-term service.

Our friendly window cleaners are hired for their excellent attitudes and trained for their outstanding cleaning skills. Our team will answer any questions you may have about the work in a friendly manner. They’re trained under systems developed over 12 years of working in home cleaning services. Get started with Toronto’s Finest Window Cleaning Service. Please fill out your details on our quote page, and our window cleaning expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

Highest Quality Window Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

At our Cleaning Company, we use only the most advanced tools and products when cleaning your windows, including squeegees and a unique blend of green cleaning products, which leave your windows with a shine guaranteed to last. The buildup of grease, grime and airborne contaminants on windows is released by rubbing or scrubbing. We clean your glass with professional-grade equipment, removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass. Glass edges and sills are washed and dried, leaving behind no residue.

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Ziya FalconZiya Falcon
00:46 19 Mar 24
Northern touch has done an excellent job at my building. I would highly recommend these guys to other building managers.
Daevon ClarkeDaevon Clarke
00:44 19 Mar 24
As a condo owner, I am very pleased with the level of service Northern Touch has provided. Several residents have also express their happiness in our Facebook group. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with!
22:33 05 Dec 23
Good stuff and an amazing job done.
Moris DizonMoris Dizon
02:37 26 Mar 23
Northern Touch cleans the windows at our store front every month and we could not be happier with their services. I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent customer service and quality of work.
Wilmer OzunaWilmer Ozuna
19:35 09 Mar 23
Kirill KimKirill Kim
21:46 07 Feb 23
Northern Touch Window Cleaning performed window cleaning services at an exceptional level for our balcony windows. We were given their contact info from building management as they currently service the exterior of the building. I would highly recommend this company to any other condos looking for window cleaning.
Jessica HillJessica Hill
06:31 22 Jul 22
I been looking for a company to do my condo window cleaning. Nate told me about their process and they had the best quick turn-around to complete the cleaning. The cleaning techs were on-time and provided super clean service. I appreciated their attention to detail. I highly recommend this company and will be using them again.