How Much Does Eavestrough & Gutter Cleaning Cost in Toronto?

Last Updated on March 30, 2024

⭐Eavestrough Cleaning Cost in Toronto 2024

As we step into 2024, homeowners in Toronto need to stay informed about the latest trends and costs associated with gutter cleaning. This essential maintenance task, while often overlooked, can significantly impact the longevity and functionality of your home’s drainage system.

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If you are having a hard time getting out the eavestroughs, you should think about having professionals clean them for you. Professional cleaners will not only make your eavestroughs last longer but they can also help prevent damage to your home.

Eavestroughs are an important part of keeping your home in good condition. By regularly cleaning them and installing equipment like gutter helmets or leaf guards, you can prolong their life and keep them much cleaner. Roof cleaning can also help to keep your eavestroughs clean, as debris that blows onto your roof won’t end up washing into the gutters.

Once your gutters have been cleaned, don’t forget to install an eavestrough helmet, leaf guard or gutter guard to keep the water out. Regular roof maintenance will also help prolong the life of your eavestroughs.

Eavestrough Cleaning Prices in Toronto & GTA

⭐How Much Does It Cost to Clean Gutters per Square Foot in Toronto?

Learn about the cost of gutter cleaning per square foot.

The cost of gutter cleaning depends on where you live and how many feet need to be cleaned. If there is an obstruction, such as a large tree or a drainage pipe, you may have to pay more for the pro to clean around it.

Keeping your potential costs in mind, the height and length of your gutters will have the biggest impact on how much it costs to install them. A single-story home might cost as much as $70 for 200 square feet of gutters, for example. A two-story home could cost approximately $100. Gutters can be any length up to 5ft, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding how much it will cost per 200 sq ft.

You can expect to pay $50 to $100 per service within the property.

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⭐ How Much Does Your Eavestrough Cleaning Cost in Toronto?

If you do not want to clean your gutters yourself, you can hire a crew to undertake that responsibility for you. Different factors will determine the cost of Eavestrough Cleaning service such as how many stories are on your home and the size of your home.

Eavestrough cleaning prices on a single-story 1,500-square foot house will cost you between $75-$200.

If your house has around 180 linear feet of gutter, it will cost you anywhere between $95 to $225.

The cost of $250 will be incurred if  homeowner has a two-story over 2,500 square feet with 200 linear feet of gutter.

The cost to have your eavestroughs cleaned will vary depending on the size of your house, between a range of $75-$200.

If you neglect to maintain your gutters and they get clogged with leaves and debris, it will cost upwards of $500 for the manpower and work needed to unclog them.

Leaf removal is a necessary task for anyone doing gutter cleaning. Check for window cleaning services in Toronto that also  offer leaf removal or remind your company to make sure it does not get missed.


Updated Pricing Information:

The cost of gutter cleaning in Toronto has seen some changes due to various economic factors. As of 2024, homeowners can expect to pay approximately $85 for a single-story home covering 200 square feet of gutters, a slight increase from previous years. For two-story homes, the costs could be around $120, reflecting the additional labor and equipment required. These prices are indicative and may vary based on specific requirements and service providers.

To give homeowners a clearer understanding, here’s a breakdown of gutter cleaning costs:

  • Basic Cleaning (Single-story home): $85
  • Basic Cleaning (Two-story home): $120
  • Additional charges for homes with gutter guards or complex roof designs
  • Discounts may be available for regular maintenance contracts or off-season services.

Local and Seasonal Factors:

Toronto’s unique climate and local regulations play a crucial role in determining gutter cleaning costs. The city’s heavy snowfall in winter and foliage in autumn can lead to more frequent blockages, necessitating regular cleaning. Additionally, recent municipal guidelines on environmental safety and waste disposal during gutter cleaning have slightly increased the service costs to ensure compliance.

Technological Advancements:

The gutter cleaning industry in Toronto has embraced new technologies, leading to more efficient and safer practices. Advanced tools like high-powered vacuums and automated gutter cleaners are now more commonly used, offering thorough cleaning without the need for ladders in some cases. While these technologies can increase initial costs, they offer long-term savings through reduced labor and enhanced safety.

Consumer Trends:

There’s a growing preference among Toronto residents for comprehensive and eco-friendly gutter cleaning services. Consumers are increasingly opting for services that offer biodegradable cleaning solutions and ensure minimal environmental impact. Service providers are responding by offering packages that cater to these eco-conscious preferences, albeit at a slightly higher price point.

Does your eavestrough need to be cleaned?

The cost of professional gutter cleaning depends on the condition of the gutters. If you regularly clean your gutters, the process will be faster and more affordable. However, if you have not cleaned your gutters in a long time and there is a lot of debris, the price will be higher. Neglecting to clean your gutters can lead to damage or clogging, which can be costly to fix. It is recommended to have your gutters checked and cleaned before or after severe weather events to ensure their longevity and avoid costly repairs.

It’s best to avoid maintaining your eavestroughs too late before or after inclement weather. Struggling eavestroughs can cause lasting damage and are more costly to repair when damaged.

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⭐ Factors that Increase the Cost of Gutter Cleaning?

There are several factors that can increase the cost of gutter cleaning. These include:

  1. Size of the property: Larger properties will typically require more time and resources to clean, resulting in a higher cost.
  2. Number of stories: Cleaning multiple stories can be more challenging and time-consuming, increasing the cost.
  3. Condition of the gutters: If the gutters are heavily clogged or damaged, it may require more time and effort to clean them, leading to a higher cost.
  4. Type of debris: Certain types of debris, such as heavy leaves or mud, may be more difficult to remove and may increase the cost of cleaning.
  5. Accessibility: If the gutters are difficult to reach, it may require additional equipment or manpower, increasing the cost.
  6. Frequency of cleaning: Regularly cleaning your gutters can help prevent build-up and damage, potentially lowering the cost of cleaning in the long run.

Eavestrough/Gutter Cleaning Cost in Toronto – Conclusion

Eavestrough cleaning may not be the most pleasant task, but it is essential for the health of your home. A clean gutter will ensure water is properly diverted away from your home’s foundation. If left neglected, water can seep into areas it shouldn’t – like your roof, soffit and fascia, or around the foundation of your home.

These types of damages to your home can be costly and time-consuming to repair. So save yourself the headache Get in touch with Norther Touch for Eavestrough cleaning in Toronto and keep those gutters clean!

Eaves Cleaning At Minimal Cost – Our Process

Our gutter cleaning process is easy and efficient. First, we check your gutters for any issues that could affect the cleaning process. If necessary, we will make any agreed-upon repairs. We will then place tarps or buckets to catch larger debris as we remove it. Next, we power wash the gutters to ensure they are thoroughly clean. Finally, we will rake the area around your home to remove any fallen debris. The cost for professional gutter cleaning for 160 linear feet ranges from $120 to $300, depending on the condition of your gutters and the complexity of the job.

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