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Cleaning your windows is not a luxury but it’s something you need to do in order to maintain the appearance of your business. A lot of people might think that commercial window cleaning is only necessary when there’s a film or dirt from outside, but this isn’t true.

Regular cleaning is important for the safety and well-being of employees, customers and the general public. Don’t neglect the importance of commercial window cleaning for your business!

Good window cleaning can make a huge difference in business, but sometimes it can be easy to overlook. In this blog post, we’ve outlined some of the main reasons you should work with a professional Window Cleaning Company In Toronto for your window cleaning needs.

Removes dust and dirt

The average window is out of cleanness after just one week! Dust and dirt can be accumulating faster than your cleaning system can remove it.

That’s why most commercial cleaners in Toronto recommend using a window cleaner to eliminate all humidity, which causes materials to get stuck and not dry properly.

Also, any built-up grime or dirty water that remains on windows becomes traps for moisture and oil that have come from hands, machines, gaskets, and furniture. Over time, this debris can create an overall slick surface that will absorb grease and oil and contribute to slide stains.

Sticky situations : Abrasive cleansers are too rough for valuable glass surfaces; milder solutions combine better with deep etching. Spray these over mirrors to protect them from scumming effects.

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Shields you and your customers from harmful chemicals

By having commercial window cleaning done, you are allowing your windows to be exposed to materials that can potentially do some damage.

Not only will these chemical build up layers in your glass, but over time the filters needed to clean them will become more heavily taxed and need replacing.

Also, if any of the chemicals used in the process cause harm to human or animal life, it becomes an environmental hazard which costs money to fix.

Last but not least, people who look through your windows see an attractive home sees that have no idea what they may find inside your home.

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Consider hiding anything such as bags under furniture so that people do not know there is a gunky dirty floor underneath.

Improves the appearance of your store

Why Is Commercial Window Cleaning Important For Your Business?

People love their windows!

It gives them something to look at, so they often have things to say about your business and how you market yourself.

Your building also plays an important role in helping people feel comfortable coming into your shop. A happy and clean environment makes someone want to visit your shop more frequently.

When customers come into your area, let them stop by and see what we have been doing these past months. Talk about marketing with them and show them that you are investing time and money into making your space attractive.

Give everyone a tour and check out what other businesses in the sector has done to promote themselves. It is always interesting to learn what others have done.

Promotes customer confidence

Why Is Commercial Window Cleaning Important For Your Business?

Customers are increasingly dependent on technology to help them make decisions. Products like smartphone apps allow customers to pick up information when and where they want, at any time of day.

But software is not enough to give people trust in your business or its products. You also need to build their confidence in your company and its offerings.

A clean window isn’t going to cut it. People will still question how reliable your company is because they can look through the windows and see what you’re doing inside.

Also, even if people don’t run into the walls of your office, there could be several holes in the roof that would lead them to think twice about working within a given period of time.

When we talk about giving people confidence in our businesses, we aren’t just talking about consumers, but also employees. A dirty window doesn’t inspire faith in the quality of your services. But if you have a reputation for being the go-to commercial cleaning company in Houston, California residents will start to come running back to you whenever they need cleaning.

Reputation is key when it comes to helping others find success. If you provide a service that other people can easily access, then more people will use your service. Build your brand name and put out an excellent product so people can do something good by coming to your place of business.

Helps control energy costs

Why Is Commercial Window Cleaning Important For Your Business?

Energy bills are going up, and it’s getting more expensive to keep your windows clean. Unnecessary dirt in your window frames can let a lot of heat out of your house – around 40 percent of heating expenses is due to the loss of efficiency caused by dirty or transparent windows.

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Having untested glass installed at home or at work can also cost money. Broken glass from faulty installations has led to costly repairs all over town.

Professional cleaning helps prevent this type of damage and expense. A fresh coat of paint usually solves the problem but may not be affordable. If you have ever looked into commercial window cleaning, you know that it can easily become another investment piecing together materials and expertise that yield benefits for years to come.

Improves the performance of your windows

When it’s dirty, all the panes of glass need to be washed thoroughly with a detergent cleaner to remove any grease or stains.

But even clean panes are not totally efficient at keeping out heat and sunlight.

Even if you use expensive sun control window tinting, there is still a gap between the material and the walls of your windows that allows light to stream in.

By using an invisible shield made from nanotechnology, our expert technicians can create a membrane over this gap that will cut down on up to 90% of the unwanted heat and glare that comes through your windows.

This innovative technology was only invented in the last 5 years, so you can be sure that it will have an effect on your heating and cooling bills.

Safer for your customers

Why Is Commercial Window Cleaning Important For Your Business?

A business that offers window cleaning services in Toronto should be aware of how important it is to protect its clients from falling windows.

When people call to get estimates for their commercial exterior home improvements, they are also being asked about contracting professional window cleaning services.

It’s not uncommon for contractors to fall while making an improvement estimate. This can happen even if the customer hires someone else to do the work. Falling from heights can cause serious injuries or death.

If a person falls from a height using a ladder, it can come down very quickly. The safe way to do this is by climbing up the wall first. Then climb onto the roof via a chair which then holds the weight of you and any assistants you have.

Alternatively, make use of extensions at lower levels to prevent people from falling off roofs.

Safer for your employees

More and more workplaces are requiring workers’ protection when it comes to physical safety. This is not only common in industries that deal with chemicals or heavy materials, but also cars and other vehicles.

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Anyone who has worked in an office environment knows how easily broken glass can get. If a window breaks, you could be injured.

Also, being near windows often means walking by them, which means they may see something else break as well! Protect people from falling objects by having clear glass doors instead.

Being closer to the windows also makes things like talking easier and improving sound quality simpler. Nothing ruins a good conversation faster than noise caused by noisy door mechanisms.

It’s also less dangerous for employees if there aren’t many places to hide in a warehouse-style setting. When there are few bathrooms or places to take a break, everyone works harder.

Having fewer toilets available makes businesses seem more productive. There’s just no motivation other than money to go to work.

Allows for improved visibility


With increased urbanization and traffic, the air quality has become very bad. This is not only harmful to your health but also causes loss in productivity at work. People who live or work in high pollution areas are known to have lower IQ levels than people living in cleaner environments.

It has been linked to asthma, allergies, early death rates, etc. Many cities implemented environmental protection laws that ban cars from the streets due to emissions.

Fortunately, there are solutions such as commercial window cleaning. It helps in removing these particles size of pollution that makes up 75% of all atmospheric dust. Also, it cleans surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and floors, making them clearer and easier to see inside.

Cleaning glass surfaces removes pollutants and debris that would otherwise be visible, including chemicals, water, metals, and other microorganisms. Clearer windows enable objects beyond to be seen which may lead to additional actions such as reporting an accident or calling for assistance. Reports of crashes involving motor vehicles with broken windshields have decreased since the introduction of remote break-downs.

Lighter vehicles tend to stay up higher and require less energy to navigate roads thus producing fewer greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas emission standards should always be considered when building new structures.

Get Commercial Window Cleaning Done Near You.

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Owning a business means that you should have your windows cleaned on a regular basis. It’s important to keep them clean so that your customers have a pleasant experience when visiting your business. Northern Touch Window Cleaning is here to help with this process and make sure your windows are nice and clean for your customers!

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