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Professional window caulking services in Toronto

Northern Touch Property Care has established itself as a leader in the caulking industry in Toronto and the GTA. For over 35 years, the company has earned a reputation for being reliable, finding solutions, and providing competitive prices. The experienced crews can handle projects of all sizes in a timely manner.

Property Managers, Building Operators, Developers, Landlords, and Homeowners have all benefited from Northern Touch Property Care’s services. The company’s 35 years of in-house expertise has allowed them to guarantee a quality product in a reasonable time frame. Whether it be a small job or a large-scale project, Northern Touch Property Care can be trusted to deliver the best results in the most efficient way possible.

Caulking (Highrise & Residential)

Window caulking should never be overlooked. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the value of your property and saving you money. At Northern Touch, we provide professional caulking and re-caulking services to our residential and commercial clients. Helping them transform their home or building into a comfortable and efficient place to live and work.

What is the purpose of caulking?

Caulking is a flexible material used to seal air leaks through cracks, gaps, or joints less than 1-quarter-inch wide between stationary building components and materials. You’ll also spend less on energy consumption which intern saves money.

  • A properly caulked window saves the homeowner/property an average of 25-40% on their energy costs.
  • Mould builds up over time when water or mildew accumulates underneath the window or in between both the exterior and interior walls. (we suggest to get your windows caulked at any point the original starts to crack)
  • Re-caulking should be taken seriously, as openings left untreated can affect the homeowner far down the line

Window, Door and Structual Caulking (Exterior Caulking)

The primary goal of exterior caulking is to seal your exterior openings to prevent water and air from entering the property.  Only apply exterior caulking after interior openings are sealed. Improper order of caulking can trap warm and moist air in the wall. In time, this can damage the wall. Builders and Property managers have grown to trust us in this field, not only for our quality work, but in which we use to access certain parts of an exterior home or building.


  • Builders understand the importance of a quality caulking job, as the long term effects of a sub-par job are often a reflection of the builder, we take our caulking services very seriously and have built a reputable name within the industry.
  • Northern Touch works closely with Engineers to ensure we follow the exact scope of work and rigging procedures to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
  • With our network of suppliers, we are able to provide builders and building managers with the best rates for our services.

Benefits of having the best caulking for your doors and windows?

  1. Improved energy efficiency – Toronto weather is a major problem, a good quality caulk helps prevent air and moisture infiltration, reducing energy loss and lowering energy bills.
  2. Protection from the elements – caulk acts as a barrier to wind, rain, and snow, keeping your home dry and protected from the elements.
  3. Increased home value – a well-sealed home is more valuable and appealing to potential buyers.
  4. Reduced noise pollution – by sealing gaps and cracks, caulk helps reduce the amount of noise that enters your home.
  5. Increased durability – properly sealed windows and doors last longer and are less likely to need repairs.
  6. Improved indoor air quality – by preventing air and moisture infiltration, caulk helps reduce mold and mildew growth, leading to improved indoor air quality.

Types of caulking we use

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There are two main types of caulking used for buildings, Silicone and Polyurethane. .The difference in these types of caulking is from their chemical makeup that makes their lifespans different.

Polyurethane sealing usually lasts of caulking is from their anywhere from 5-10 Years depending on chemical makeup, temperature and fluctuations as well as sun makes their lifespans exposure different. Generally, we mostly use Silicone as silicone can last for 20 + Years and is the most reliable.

How much does it cost to have someone caulk your windows in Toronto?

  • The cost of having someone caulk your windows can vary depending on the number of windows, the size and type of windows, and the location of the property. On average, the cost can range from $100 to $500 for a standard residential property.

How do you professionally caulk a window?

  • Professional window caulkers typically use a high-quality silicone or acrylic-based caulk, and a caulk smoothing tool to apply the caulk in a neat and even manner. They also take necessary precautions such as protecting the surrounding surfaces, and cleaning up any excess caulk.

How often should you Recaulk your windows?

  • The frequency of recaulking windows depends on the age of the caulk, the type of caulk used, and the level of exposure to the elements. Generally, it is recommended to recaulk every 3-5 years for interior windows and every 5-7 years for exterior windows.

How much do you charge for caulking per foot in Toronto?

  • The cost of caulking per foot can vary depending on the location, the size of the window and the type of caulk used. Typically, the cost ranges from $2 to $5 per linear foot.
  • The price range varies according to the job. Get custom quotes today. Call 647-258-5584

Why Hire Us For Caulking Windows, Doors in Toronto?

Our team of experts have experience in caulking projects in both small and large-sized buildings. Our expertise consists of using the right type of caulking, as well as the best tools to make sure you have the longest-lasting results possible.

Properties we service

Exterior Caulking Services:   

  • Windows & Panels
  • Vents and vent openings
  • Metal flashing
  • Expansion Joints
  • Back Rod installation
  • Flat Roofs
  • All exterior opening

Interior Caulking services:

  • Vents & Pipes
  • Control Joints
  • Smoke Seals
  • Expansion Joints
  • Kitchen Counter top
  • Others