Window Glass Cleaning

How_to_Clean_Glass_WindowsThe most appealing thing about living in a home with large windows is the stunning views. The only downside to living in a house that has large windows is the frequency with which they have to be cleaned. All dust, dirt, bird poop must be removed frequently.

How do I get windows clean ?

1. Wipe

The easiest way to solve our issue is to wipe the windows using a cloth. Cleaning with a cloth comprised from soft fabric and an upward motion can aid in preventing streaks from appearing.

2. Vinegar Solution

You can create the most efficient cleaning solution by place it in the spray bottle. Take one tablespoon of distilled vinegar to 10 portions warm water. Shake the bottle lightly to mix the two elements together.

How to Clean Windows With Vinegar Without Any Streaks?


3. Soap Solution

Another option to clean glass windows at home is to use Soap Solution. Mix two gallon of water and one teaspoon dishwashing liquid together . Spray this solution on your windows to create sparkling windows.

Best way to clean your windows inside and outside without streaks at home

Follow our step-by-step guide to the best method to clean your windows both indoors and outdoors and without streaks.

  • Begin by cleaning dust off your window frames, track, and the sill using a vacuum duster or cloth. Make the same process for your shades or blinds. If you have curtains it is the perfect time to take them off and wash them according to the care guidelines.

For cleaning your screens, you need to remove them and clean them with a vacuum or brush to remove dust. If you believe they require more thorough cleaning, wash them using a warm, sudsy mixture, then rinse them and let them dry completely.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Window Screens

  • Make sure to spray the windows you are using with a good quantity of cleaner for glass.
  • Utilizing a paper towel that is lint-free or microfiber towel, clean your windows from bottom to top. If you notice streaks, repeat the wipe until the glass appears free of streaks.
  • When you wait for your screen to dry clean the exterior of your frames and windows using a soft brush disposable cloths to get rid of dust and dirt that has accumulated.
  • Repeat the steps 3 and 4 for the window’s outside. It’s likely that you’ll need to apply some elbow grease (or perhaps a few more wipes and sprays) to remove all dirt and grime that has accumulated on the outside.
  • Based on the style of the windows, you might be capable of cleaning both sides of your home. If you have windows with storm doors that can be removed and you want to remove them completely to clean.
  • Put into your screens, put up your curtains and sit back to admire the shimmer!


The Best Ways to Remove Scratches from Glass Windows

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