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Most Common Questions About Window Cleaning
  • What Does Window Cleaning Include? …
  • When Should Windows be Washed? …
  • Why Should I Have My Windows Cleaned? …
  • How Do I Prepare For Window Cleaning? …
  • How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

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It’s also a good idea to ask the questions that have to do with the type of materials and tools that the candidate uses. For instance, can the applicant explain how to get a streak off of a window?

Another commonly asked window cleaning question is “how long does it take to clean your windows?”

The answer is a matter of perspective. Cleaning a large window can take the same amount of time as cleaning a few smaller windows. The best window cleaners are flexible, willing to work with the customer, and willing to make adjustments when needed. They should also be willing to work with the customer to set up a schedule that works best for the customer.

The best window cleaning companies in Toronto are transparent about the costs involved. They should also be able to provide the customer with a certificate of insurance and a copy of the policy. If the company does not provide a certificate of insurance, the homeowner should ask for one. It is important to make sure that the company has worker’s compensation insurance, which protects the employee in the event of an injury. If the company does not have worker’s compensation insurance, the homeowner could be responsible for medical bills if an employee is injured while working.

The Toronto window cleaning industry is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Every year, around 500,000 people are treated for ladder falls. The CDC established “Ladder Awareness Month” in March to increase awareness of this potentially dangerous job. There are around 300 people killed in ladder falls each year. In addition to the dangers of working with ladders, window cleaners often use high-powered vacuums to clean windows, which can leave minerals on the glass.

The best window cleaning companies have been known to use the same-day-next-day service. This type of service is convenient for the customer and provides efficient results. However, the customer should also be aware that they will have to pay extra for evening and weekend cleaning services. In addition, window cleaning companies will often include transportation costs.

A good window cleaner will also provide a guarantee of rain. This is a great way to show your customers that you are a trustworthy business. It is also a good idea to ask the window cleaning company about their background checks. Some less reputable companies will make excuses for not providing background checks. In addition, you should ask to see references and coupons..

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Are professional window Cleaning worth it?

Most people consider cleaning their windows by a professional as a luxury , and they don’t think that it’s necessary.

The fact is that window cleaning could be the key to your windows remaining in their maximum longevity in the end. By hiring a professional for window cleaning, you’ll get more results than doing it yourself.

In certain instances there are times when it could be more affordable to employ an expert considering your time and energy as well as the expense of travelling and buying all the equipment required to complete the job.

Furthermore certain window cleaning experts provide other services for your home exterior too, including roof cleaning and pressure washing and can even offer an all-inclusive package.

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What Does Window Cleaning Include?

Preparing windows: start by removing all screens from the house and then cleaning dirt and debris from every screen using the help of a moist mop.

Window wash phase 1: Next, we begin to clean your windows both ways at the same time , depending on the design and type of your windows. This will remove all the easily removed streaks off the windows.

Window wash phase 2: Next, is to apply the window washing formula using a moist mop to stir dirt. This is the time to learn the science behind our unique cleaning formula. It makes it easier more difficult to remove particles.

Window wash Phase 3: We make use of high-quality handheld razors to safely scrape off any debris that has remained stuck as we continue to scrub the glass using our moist mop.

Clean Glass: By using the skill of squeegeeing, we will get the glass clear of streaks and dirt, and looking just like the day you moved into.

The final step: clean the edges of the windows and sills, and then finish by locking the freshly cleaned window shut; so you can enjoy the crystal clear view.

Inspection: We inspect each window we clean and inform you whether we find anything unusual from the norm. If we notice any damaged seals, scratches or any visible damage to the structure we’ll notify you.

Clean-up The goal is to make certain that we leave your home as tidy as we discovered it. We will ensure that everything is returned in its correct location.

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When Should Windows be Washed?

The time of spring is the perfect time to begin thinking about cleaning your windows. As time passes, your windows become covered in dirt, grime, polluting and other things that winter weather exposed them to.

Contrary to what many believe windows could be cleaned any time of the year and, no, rain will not make them filthy yet!

Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain. Rain actually helps maintain your window’s cleanliness because it reduces the amount of pollen, dirt and pollutants that are floating around in the air, thereby stopping these elements from settling on your windows.

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Why Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Each business or home will have different requirements regarding window cleaning. Here are some of the benefits of having your windows cleaned

Curb appeal– Whether you’re preparing to sell your house or trying to attract new customers to your company, having clean windows improves your appearance not just from the outside, but also from inside. The grit can block the entrance of light and cause a obstruction to visitors or prospective customers.

Increase the life of Your Windows- Professional cleaning services eliminate corrosive elements and possible mold from the windows, seals and windows frames. This can decrease the chance of further damage which can save your money on expensive repair and replacement.

Maintain Window Efficiency– Professional window cleaners regularly check each window for damage to window seals that can cause condensation, air leaks or condensation, which can result in greater energy bills.

Safety- The danger of climbing a ladder when cleaning windows is the primary safety reason to get your windows professionally cleaned However, there are other less obvious reasons, too. One advantage of having a professional look over the windows of your home is that a professional will ensure that the window channels aren’t blocked so that they are closing during the case of fire.

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How Do I Prepare For Window Cleaning?

There are a variety of ways you can make a window cleaning a breeze are:

  • Clean your blinds of dust that might come into contact with your windows.
  • Take any personal belongings or items that are fragile away from windows and take down any decorations hanging up on the windows.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost of window cleaning varies between $10 and $15 per window and $4 to $8 per pane.

Size, location, and the type of window play a major part in the price as a professional can take care of a whole set of residential windows at the same cost as one commercial window.

Other aspects to be to be considered when estimating the cost of a job are stain removal and paint as well as minerals and the inclusion of shutter and blind cleaning.

Professionals might not consider these elements in their regular window cleaning fees However, you should consult with your professional prior to making a booking.

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