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⭐ Window Cleaning Cost Toronto

On average, the cost of window cleaning in Toronto ranges from $100 to $200. Average cost per window pane rages from $4 to $10

Window cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining a clean and hygienic living or working space. In a bustling city like Toronto, it is especially important to keep windows sparkling clean, as they often become dirty due to the constant traffic, pollution and weather conditions. However, the cost of window cleaning can be a concern for many homeowners and business owners. In this article, we will be exploring the average costs of window cleaning in Toronto, providing valuable information to help you make an informed decision when it comes to keeping your windows clean.

Whether looking for residential or commercial window cleaning services in Toronto, various factors will affect the price. To estimate what it would cost for your home, explore this list of factors that can affect the price.

Some cleaning companies charge by the amount of time they take, making the costs almost double. It’s not just about cost, though. Other factors may affect your quote, like whether you need residential or commercial window cleaner.

You can’t calculate an exact price without having the window cleaners inspect your space properly. The cost will vary depending on several factors. However, there are some guidelines that you can follow to get a rough idea of how much you’ll be paying.

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⭐ What Is The Cost Of Window Cleaning In Toronto ON?

Window cleaning is a specialist trade.  The cost of window cleaning depends on the frequency of the cleaning and the size of the windows. Typically, window cleaners charge per window pane.

If you live in Toronto Ontario, you should expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $10 on average for window cleaning per pane. This cost may differ depending on how long it takes to clean your windows or the company you hire.

Window cleaning costs vary depending on the number of panes or windows, how high they are, and if you want them cleaned internally or externally. Most cleaners charge by the pane and not by the hour, so once you know how many panes you have, you can work out a rough cost for your cleaning project.

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Average cost of Window Cleaning in Toronto

⭐ Average cost (per pane) $4 to $10
⭐ Minimum cost (per pane) $4
⭐ Maximum cost (per pane) $10

Commercial window cleaning cost estimate for regular windows

Average cost (per pane) $1 to $3
Average cost (including cleaning the tracks sills and screens) $2 to $5

Commercial Toronto window cleaning cost estimate for storm windows

Average cost (per pane)exterior $2 to $4
Average cost (per pane)(interior and exterior) – includes taking the storm windows $9 to $14

Average Window Cleaning cost per hour in Toronto – Based on the type of cleaning

Type of cleaning Highest average price Lowest average price
Regular window cleaning $200 $100
Window cleaning at a height $345 $140

Factors Affecting Window Cleaning Prices

Let’s get into the guidelines over why the price varies so much in the first place. Of course, the reason will always be different depending on the company. But here are some of the most common reasons why window cleaning costs are not fixed:

Type of Service

There are different types of window cleaners available for hire, depending on the building you live in:

Commercial – If you have a large commercial building, such as an office building or retail store, you will need a professional window cleaner who can handle large amounts of glass safely.

Residential – Residential window cleaners usually work on homes, apartments and small businesses. They may not be able to handle large amounts of glass, but they can still do a great job of cleaning your windows and keeping them looking great. The cost of hiring a residential window cleaner is typically lower than hiring a commercial one. When you call around to find out what kind of services your local window cleaner offers, ask how long they have been in business to know how experienced they are and how reliable they are.

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Ease Of Access

Ease of access could affect the cost of your windows cleaning. High-rise buildings and corporate offices are more difficult to access and require specialized equipment, increasing the overall cost of window cleaning. On the bright side, you may be able to get a discount if you clean all your interior and exterior windows simultaneously.


Some places are tougher to reach than others so companies may charge a premium for buildings in high-traffic areas and offices in the middle of cities. The upside is that you could get a discount if you get your windows cleaned both inside and outside at the same time.

Window Type (regular window, storm window or French window)

The cost of a window cleaning service depends on the number of windows, their size and condition. However, most professional window cleaners will charge you based on the number of panes your home has. For example, if your home has ten windows that require cleaning, the cost may be higher than having the same number of windows cleaned in another home. This is because each window in different homes varies in size and shape.

A window with small panes, for example, will be cheaper and easier to clean. Large windows cost more and require more water, time, and effort to clean because they have a bigger surface area. Depending on how much you need a window to let in natural light, it might be worth investing in a double or triple-paned one.

Frequency of the cleaning (once a year, twice a year, quarterly, monthly or weekly)


Here at Northern Touch Property Care, we see a lot of different homes and commercial property owners. One thing that all customers have in common is their windows get dirty. To help you understand how often you need to clean your windows, think about how often you clean your windows. Consider how long it takes until they need a good cleaning. We recommend getting one or two professional cleanings done per year, but this depends on the number of windows.

Number of windows

The number of windows you’re going to be cleaning will affect the final cost. Get a rough count beforehand to know exactly how much it’ll be. Pricing varies, so make sure to ask before you book.

A window cleaner will price up the job based on the number of windows. Sometimes it can work out much cheaper if they only charge you per window pane, rather than a fixed fee.

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Cities near Toronto, Ontario with similar window cleaning cost:

Is it worth getting Window Cleaned?


It depends on how often you open your windows and the location. For most customers, once or twice a year is sufficient, but if you live in areas that attract a lot of dirt, windows may need to be cleaned more often. Window cleaning is a very difficult job to do for many people. It is important to clean your windows regularly to maintain a fresh atmosphere in your home. Window cleaning can be dangerous, and you should never attempt to do this task on your own. Hiring a professional window cleaner will make everything easier for you and save money in the long run.

Window cleaning is an extremely difficult job to do, and it can be very time consuming to make sure that all of the windows are perfectly clean. This is especially true if the windows are located high. It would be best if you never attempted to clean these kinds of windows on your own because this could put you in danger.

Hiring a professional window cleaner will make everything easier for you and save money in the long run. The cost of hiring someone to clean your windows may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but it will save you time and effort, which are more valuable than money.

Best Window Cleaning Option Available in Toronto

There are many different options available to you for window cleaning. Some window cleaners will only clean the accessible windows on the ground and first floors, while others will go as high as possible using a ladder.

Our window cleaners have special equipment that allows us to clean windows from a distance without using ladders or other equipment, but these are usually more expensive services like high rise window cleaning, condo window cleaning and eavestrough cleaning toronto. If you still have any questions about window cleaning cost in Toronto, Ontario, give us a call or contact us via web form, and we would be happy to help. Look out for our good reviews on Google reviews.

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